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Batteries, battery chargers and DC boards

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10591. Supply of Batteries, Battery Chargers and DC Boards.

A Substation DC power system consists of:

• Batteries (with or without racks)

• DC Chargers

• DC Distribution Boards

• DC Isolation Panels

• Spares parts and special tools

Energy Qld encourages contractors to offer:

• Manufacturers standard equipment (preferred), and/or

• Modified equipment (so as to more fully meeting specification), and/or

• Alternative offer using different technical solutions (as needed or available).

Due to the variation in operational lives of battery chargers, battery banks and DC distribution boards, the integration of this plant shall provide for the replacement of all items during the lifecycle of the substation.

The items may be installed as pert of new substation construction projects or to replace DC power supply systems and their components in existing substations.

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